Phillip J. (Jazz) Webster is a native of Philadelphia, PA. After completing high school, he joined the United States Navy. Jazz's writing was purely casual during his time in the navy. After rejoining the real world, his mind shifted and his love for creative writing took a new turn. He amassed several storylines, ideas and character notes. His first professional endeavor resulted in an eBook-fiction titled "Ten Years," published in 2012. His second novel titled "Maze, Vampiress" was released shortly afterwards. Presently residing in Norfolk, VA, as owner of "JazzyWrites Productions," he is busy developing several writing projects. Interested in all aspects of the writing craft, he maintains regular correspondence with other artist (publishers, designers, fellow authors, and editors) through all available avenues to expand his collaborative footprint. Always working towards improving his art and sharing ideas, he believes that his best is yet to come. His love for creative writing goes back as far as he can remember. He attributes part of this love to his mother who was an avid storyteller with a great imagination. Writing for the love of writing, he has a strong belief in giving back where ever he can. In keeping with that belief, he designed and created E-book signature cards which resolve an age long issue that has plagued E-book publishers. Phillip's natural ability to resonate his imaginary world into words that all can understand and relate to and his fearless storytelling will surely set the stage for future books, poetry, and projects from this emerging author.

JazzyWrites Productions LLC

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